Local economic development office

  • Local economic development office (LED office) was opened in cooperation with USAID, within MEGA Program, in September 2006, with primary objective to provide in one place administrative support to new and existing investors (after – care) by the local government, in order to resolve all of investors` requests.

    Creation of data base with all relevant social - economic indicators of city of Vranje, permanent contact with national institutions, national and regional development agencies, local entrepreneurs, citizens and others, preparation and implementation of projects, significantly contribute to the improvement of business ambient and social – economic development of the city.

    The Office is actively included in a different kind of the promotional activities (preparation and distribution of brochures, flyers, participation at different fairs, POWER POINT presentations creation, and promotion on Internet etc.

    Special segment of the Office`s activities is related to the field of agriculture and consists of: development of programs and plans in the field of agriculture, bringing of decrees on agricultural land purpose changing into construction land, enacting of conditions and approval issuing for the water supply systems construction in villages, assistance to agricultural producers with agricultural households registration, providing information on reimbursements and state stimulations, and support in documentation collection and filling out of applications for rights realisation.

    Chief of the LED Office is graduated economist Boban Stankovic.

    Contakt details:

    +381 17 402 334 Boban Stanković
    +381 17 402 347 Jasmina Petrović, Tijana Milovanović
    +381 17 402 348 Branko Nikolić, Nebojša Popović
    +381 17 402 314 Nataša Trajković, Milan Janjić